Saturday, September 22, 2018
8:00am-4:00 pm


Rehearse-a-thon is a fundraiser for ALL Regimental Band and Pageantry students. Money, collected as sponsorships, will be credited to your student account. It can be used to pay for program related expenses such as band and guard pledges or trips. All checks should be collected prior to the Rehearse-a-thon event on Friday, September 21st, 2018.

The first step to raising money is establishing a goal for the amount of money you hope to raise. Our suggested individual goal for everyone is $400.00. You can contact family members, friends, neighbors, your parents’ associates, local business owners you may know, etc. Click the Rehearse-a-thon Solicitation Letter button below and use it to copy and send to distant family members. People will give more willingly if they understand the purpose of the donation and your level of involvement in the program. You can tell them that the Rehearse-a-thon is six hours of practice where your field show is learned, practiced and perfected. Students demonstrate their commitment to excellence and quality. Explain that all moneys collected will be used to defray the costs not covered by school district funding.

All checks should be made out to Vista High School Band Boosters.

The buttons below provide a sample letter to use to raise funds and a tally sheet to keep track of your donations. Record the name of each sponsor and the amount given on the tally sheet. Please consolidate any cash sponsorships and have your parent(s) write one check for that amount.  Place all checks in a large envelope (available from the office) and have your name on the envelope.  This will ensure you will receive credit for the amount.

Place your checks and tally sheet into an envelope to be turned in the afternoon of the Rehearse-a-thon as you enter the Band Room.

REMEMBER: 100% commitment from all!


Whatever strategy you use, always introduce yourself as a member of the Vista High School Regimental Band and Pageantry Corps and EXPLAIN that we are raising funds for costs associated with the Vista High School Regimental Band and Pageantry Corps. Emphasize that your goal is to raise $400.00.

Next, explain the Fundraiser.

You are seeking sponsors for the REHEARSE-A-THON – a six-hour event of practicing music to perform your fall marching show – and you hope that sponsors will be willing to contribute either a flat donation or from $1 to $10.00 per hour. If possible, collect money NOW, but if people wish to pay after the event explain that the donation may be tax-deductible (to check with their tax advisor) and that you will be presenting the sponsor with a receipt (if requested) for payment after completion of the Rehearse-a-thon.

THIS FUNDRAISER WORKS, but YOU must make the effort!

It is entirely possible to raise $400 or more with this fundraiser!
If you get 10 sponsors at $7.00 per hour, you collect over $400.00 for your individual account!

Door to door – Do this if you feel comfortable with it.

Post it on Social Media!
Family and friends – perhaps your best bet.
Family friends
Local merchants and stores – dentist, doctor, banker, tire dealer, car dealer, insurance agent, music store, music teacher(s), restaurant owners, shoe stores, etc.
Coaches, group leaders
Your parents’ workplace – Don’t neglect this – It works!
Teachers and office staff at Vista HS or Middle School you last attended
Write to out of town relatives and friends
Email friends, relatives