Marching Season Dress Information

Tournament Dress Code

For all show competitions and home football games,
band members must abide by the follow dress code:

Black t-shirts must be worn under the uniform jackets.
Absolutely NO COLORED T-SHIRTS allowed!
NO muscle shirts!
NO tank tops or string tops.
NO cut-off shirts.

Bike shorts, must be worn under the uniform pants.

Bike short length MUST be mid-thigh or LONGER. NO SHORT SHORTS! 
NO baggy shorts under the uniform pants.
NO long jeans, long p.j. pants, or long pants under the uniform pants.

Black socks only! Must be calf length or ankle high. No low-cuts or peds allowed
(it will show during performances).

Black band shoes – Must be cleaned before all shows and games.

NO perfumes!
Hair should be up prior to call time. You have a limited time to getting dress in uniforms, not to be doing your hair at this time.

NO make-up!
NO fingernail polish (with the exception of color guard).
NO jewelry (watches, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets).
Short hair must be cut above the collar (this usually applies to the males). If the hair is a few inches below the collar, the chaperones or uniform personnel will trim the hair (with permission only). Females or males with long hair will have to have it braided or pony-tailed so that you can tuck it under the shako.

Home Football Game Dress Code

Male or Female, All long hair that is past collars must be in
one single braid down the back.
Shorter hair pinned back off of your face, out of your eyes.
Must wear long-wristed Gloves,  black (tournament) and white(football).  If a band member wants an extra pair or loses a pair, they can be purchased for $3.00 through Uniform Managers.
Black Bike Shorts and Black t-Shirts ONLY under the uniform
NO Other shorts, pants or shirts are accepted.
NO eating or drinking while in uniform! Only water is allowed.

WE DO NOT TAKE EXTRA BLACK SHOES OR BLACK SOCKS when we are on the road! If you do not have black shoes or socks, you will not step off with the band.

Any questions, contact the Band Director or our Uniform Manager Mrs. Candy Robertson. Also, please refer to the 2016-2017 Band and Pageantry handbook.