Contact Sarah for a complete list of items you will need to purchase for the fall season.

Welcome Color Guard Parents and Students!

The Color Guard or Pageantry, is a vital part of the show. Winter Guard is an essential part of building skills and further development for the group. Check out the Fundraising page to see how to earn money towards your student account to help cover the cost of participation. Contact us for more information.

Rehearsal Attire

For day rehearsals, please wear tight, not baggy, black shorts or exercise pants and a white form fitting T-shirt. As a pageantry member, you are a dancer and this type of clothing allows the staff to critique body lines, etc… For evening rehearsals, please wear a black top. Tennis shoes and socks are required footwear anytime you are out of the building during a rehearsal. NO FLIP FLOPS! Sometimes you will be asked to dance inside in socks or your bare feet. Hair is to be pulled back off the face and always bring a hat or bandana to protect your hair from the sun. Also bring a LARGE container of water and sunscreen. It’s a good idea not to wear rings as they often get bent while spinning equipment.


All members that would like to try rifle should strongly consider purchasing one. Please note that this does not guarantee a spot on the rifle line in the show. Performers can purchase rifles online at: If you plan to order, get a 36 inch rife with a silver bolt and white leather strap. The cost is $44 + tax + $17 shipping. If you know someone else who is planning on ordering, you may want to combine your orders to save on shipping costs.


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